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From Celery Diet to Crowdfunding Jewels

A Fresh Idea That Sparked a Revolution

Have you ever embarked on a health journey that led to unexpected and exciting discoveries? My husband and I certainly did when we started a daily celery juicing program. Little did we know that this simple routine would plant the seeds of a groundbreaking concept: Malaysia's First Crowd Funding Jewellery.

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Our celery journey began with a trip to the local grocery store in shopping centres (Jxxa Grocer), where we picked up a crisp bundle of celery for RM16 per kilogram. While we were excited about the health benefits of our new habit, we couldn't ignore the dent it was making in our wallets. But, we were determined to keep our health a priority.


Our quest for savings led us to explore the local market, where we found celery for RM14 per kilogram. The price drop was a small win, but we weren't about to stop there. Our celery consumption was steadily increasing, and we craved even more significant savings.


That's when we hatched a plan to visit a wholesale centre. To our amazement, we managed to secure celery for just RM7.50 per kilogram. The savings were substantial, and we couldn't help but wonder about the possibilities. We discovered that the wholesale centre sourced its celery from a distributor. Assuming the distributor earned a 40% profit at RM4.50 per kg, the farm's price could potentially be as low as RM2 per kilogram.

The idea of buying directly from a celery farm intrigued us. Imagine the savings and the impact it could have on our daily expenses. We envisioned a world where we could source fresh, top-quality celery directly from the farm, bypassing multiple middlemen, and keeping prices remarkably low. This idea set our minds in motion.


Inspired by this concept, we decided to run with it and create a unique e-commerce platform, Malaysia's First Crowd Funding Jewellery. In this scenario, we become the first line of the distribution chain, just like the farm that could supply us with affordable celery. But instead of fresh produce, our focus was on beautiful, high-quality jewellery.


Picture this: you have a dazzling range of jewellery options, designed to make every woman feel like a fashionista, while also making your wallet breathe a sigh of relief. This is the essence of our jewellery store, and it's what sets us apart from the rest.


At Jewellery Direct Factory (JDF), we understand that jewellery is a means of self-expression, a reflection of your unique style. But we also understand that finding exquisite, top-notch jewellery at an everyday price can be challenging. We've been there ourselves, whether it was the soaring prices or the lacklustre aftersales service – we know the struggles. This understanding fuelled our mission to change the game.

Our best-selling product is Swarovski crystal jewellery, designed to add a burst of colour and joy to your life. These pieces are more than accessories; they are a statement. And the best part? We offer them at factory prices, probably the most affordable in the whole world.

How do we manage to offer such remarkable prices? The answer is crowdfunding. Just as we embarked on this journey inspired by our quest for affordable celery, we invite you to join us in our journey to bring you high-quality jewellery at prices that won't break your wallet.

By crowdfunding our products, we are able to achieve high volumes, and the cost savings are shared with you, our valued customers. As the order quantity increases, we unlock milestones to provide better specifications and free gifts. We can do this because, like the celery farm that sells directly to us, our cost of production decreases as the quantity increases, and we believe in passing those savings on to you.

But we don't stop there. Our jewellery isn't just about affordability; it's about excellence. We take pride in our exclusive designs and super high-quality products, backed by a top-notch after-sales service centre that's among the best in Malaysia. The confidence we have in our products is validated by over 700 5-star reviews on Facebook and a community of more than 10,000 fans.

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We're so sure you'll love our jewellery that we offer a 7-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. That's how confident we are in the beauty and craftsmanship of our pieces.


So, from a simple celery diet, we've ventured into a new realm of affordability and quality, bringing you the finest jewellery at factory prices. Our journey, just like the celery we enjoy each morning, is refreshing and invigorating. We've found a way to cut through the unnecessary layers of traditional distribution and bring you a direct connection to quality and savings.


With Jewellery Direct Factory, you're not just buying jewellery; you're joining a movement. You're becoming a part of a community that believes in high fashion, conscious spending, and the thrill of discovering something exceptional.


Join us as we revolutionize the jewellery industry. Say goodbye to overpriced and underwhelming options, and embrace a new way to express yourself without emptying your wallet. Like the celery farm we imagined, we're here to provide you with the very best. We're here to make you a fashionista and bring more colour and joy into your life.


Are you ready to take the first step on this exciting journey with us? Explore our crowdfunded jewellery today, and be a part of something truly extraordinary. Welcome to Malaysia's First Crowd Funding Jewellery – where quality, affordability, and beauty converge.

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